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Program Results

The Greystone Foundation has helped many individuals and households by providing financial assistance and improving financial literacy. Our eligible clients have received significant benefits in the form of monetary assistance, avoided costs, and lower household expenses. Here is what some of our clients are saying about us.


“Greystone Foundation has been amazing. Myself and my three children will forever be grateful for the assistance we received.”


“I am deeply grateful to the Greystone Foundation for their support during a difficult time. Their assistance not only helped me keep my home but also restored my faith in the kindness and compassion of others. I highly recommend the Greystone Foundation to anyone facing financial hardship and in need of assistance. Thank you, Greystone Foundation, for making a positive difference in my life.”

“Greystone Foundation is a lifesaver! At a time where I was unemployed and facing an overwhelming amount of unpaid bills, they stepped in and helped. I can't say enough about their generosity and their willingness to get to know me as an person - they helped me to feel hopeful and respected during a very stressful time. I feel extremely blessed to have found them.”

“This is an AMAZING nonprofit program! They are incredibly great! They can help in many things and are very awesome! I recommend highly!”

"You saved us. I will never forget you"


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