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  • Greystone’s mission is to assist struggling households, improve financial literacy, and promote economic self-sufficiency.

  • We provide direct monetary support for essential services to eligible households along with free financial advice to all clients. 

Who We Serve

  • Greystone serves the city of Hartford and surrounding regions.

  • We began serving clients in June 2022. To date, we have assisted 185 at-risk households comprising 576 individuals.

  • Our client demographics are 97% female, 85% single mothers, and 83% non-white with household incomes below 40% of the Connecticut state median.

Client Benefits

  • Greystone has provided $250,000 in client support, 35% of which is in the form of household cost savings achieved through financial counseling.

  • We have strong positive client reviews with 100% 5-star ratings.


  • Our client-interaction staff includes a PhD economist with 40 years of experience as an investment manager.

  • We are an all-volunteer organization. Directors, executives, and volunteers draw no salary or compensation.

  • Greystone is a public charity not a private foundation. We are supported by public donations.

Donor Funding Leverage

  • Greystone self-funds all operational and overhead expenses.

  • 100% of all donations to Greystone go directly to the basic needs of households in financial distress.

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